Parent Support Groups Can Reduce Child Abuse Essay

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Many parents lack the skills necessary to properly teach and discipline their children. As a result, out of pure frustration, parents lash out physically and/or verbally. Hitting a child or yelling at one has detrimental long-term effects. Parents-to-be need to be given strategies for dealing with discipline issues. Support groups should also offer parent training. When parents have had a hard day, whether due to work, family, or other persons or events, they tend to lash out without a thought at the misbehaving child. The parent lets his or her anger build up, unable to release it toward the appropriate situation he or she is actually frustrated with. "It's so easy to get caught up in their moment of frenzy. It's hard to stand …show more content…
However, it is it is not illegal for children to endure this type of punishment. Even more unbelievable, priests say that the bible even promotes it. One priest, Reverend Ronald E. Williams, says that a parent should use a wooden paddle and any "unwillingness to use physical correction is 'child abuse'". The bible can also be used to vindicate slavery, suppression of women, polygamy, incest, and infanticide (The Humanist 2000). While all these inhumane actions are illegal, why then is it appropriate to abuse a child out of anger or frustration. Unbeknownst to most parents, hitting or yelling at a child has pernicious effects throughout that child's lifetime. Once a child is hit so many times, hitting becomes a learned behavior that will follow him or her from school days where they get into fights, into marriage, where they will possibly hit their spouse, and eventually will lead into parenthood and become a form of discipline to their children. The New York Post says that research indicates that when a child is spanked it could result in sexualized behavior and/or sexual deviancy. When a parent yells at a child, he teaches that child that it is an appropriate outlet for the child's frustrations. Hitting or yelling will also result in worse behaviors
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