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Recorded music has been around for hundreds of years, and music in general has been around for thousands of years, but yet we still do not have a good rating system for music. Music is not officially rated, but given a “Parental Advisory Label” if the artist or record label believes the music contains any “explicit” content. This label was created and adopted by the Recording Industry Association of America(RIAA) in 1985. Even though this label has been around since 1985, it is not a good system for rating music, and is potentially harming artists and the consumer. Parents could be misinformed about what their children are listening to, and artists could potentially lose money due to lost potential sales. Although the “Parental Advisory…show more content…
A rating system should not be optional but a necessity. All in all, due to the change in style of music from when the “Parental Advisory Label” was created, music warnings should be more descriptive and a must on all music . This is possible by creating a new rating system to replace the “Parental Advisory Label”.

In addition to this, a new rating system is needed to help protect the consumer. As shown before music has changed, and this change affects the consumer. In rap and hip-hop music drug abuse is glorified and shown as a positive thing. Children, who do not know any better, hear this music and think it is okay to abuse drugs. But it is not okay, and this needs to be fixed. For example, researchers from the University of California, Berkeley found that there was sixfold increase in drug references in songs over the past two decades (Preidt 1). This proves how drug references has increased exponentially since the “Parental Advisory Label” was created. Additionally, the dean of students at the School of Public Health stated "Positive portrayals of drug use have increased over time, and drug references increased overall. This is an alarming trend, as rap artists are role models for the nation's youth, especially in urban areas. Many of these young people are already at risk and need to get positive messages from the media."(Herd 1). Altogether this proves that drug abuse is normalized and in some cases even

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