Parental And Peer Influences On The Onset Of Heavier Drinking Among Adolescents

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Introduction The article that I chose to review is titled, “Parental and Peer Influences on the Onset of Heavier Drinking among Adolescents.” The major research question suggested by the researcher was whether or not there is a relationship between parental and peer influences and the onset of heavier drinking tendencies or regular drinking tendencies among adolescents? The authors of the article realized there is a problem with adolescents participating in heavy drinking acts prior to the onset of college. It is believed that when an adolescent reaches the point of drinking more than five drinks at a time, it will eventually turn into drinking problem later on in life. The cause for adolescent alcohol use are often the social influences around them.1 Therefore, in order to get to the bottom of this issue, parents and peers became a big factor of the investigation of how they impact adolescent drinking. Research suggests that there is a relationship between teen drinking and their parent’s morals and attitudes towards drinking.2 Although there has been previous research done on adolescent’s alcohol consumption, research has been geared to the reasons as to why adolescents take part in this kind of behavior in the first place.1 Studies have shown that there is a connection between adolescents drinking tendencies and parental and peer influences.2 Studies also suggested that parents make good candidates with helping their children change their behavior when it comes to
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