Parental Concerns : Video Games

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Parental Concerns:
Parents are often worried about their children playing video games because of the cost, not only does the child need a new gaming console every year or so but they also need the accompanying games every few weeks to keep them occupied. DLC (downloadable content) is also another big issue, game developers have now realised that players will pay extra to play new missions, get new maps and even change the appearance of their character. This leaves parents with huge bills as often enough, once the bank details are in the console they can be reused over and over by the child without the parents consent.
If the parents wish to buy a new gaming console, with all the accessories and a range of games to keep their child occupied
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Game addiction is like all other addictions; the player even has withdrawal symptoms when they do not have access to it. Because of this, parents have developed and published strategies to help solve this problem; here are a few of the more viable solutions:
• Try and engage your child into another activity, for example a trading card game. Even though this option might just create a new addiction they will at least be socialising with others whilst doing it.
• Limit the amount of playtime your child is allowed to have, and then every week lower it until you are happy. This is a very lengthy process, which can take months to implement but is known to show results and work.
• Reward your child with gifts, treats and perhaps even money when they don’t play their games for every day they do not play their console.
After playing video games, children often decide to re-enact and even imitate some of the actions that took place in the game. If the game is not violent and promotes good behaviour parents then this is not a problem, but if the game is violent this can sometimes end in catastrophic events that all parents are secretly are praying to prevent.
There’s no doubt that some, possibly all games have an educational value, whether it be something as little as giving the player a brief overview of a certain time in in history or as big
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