Parental Expectations In Only Daughter And Amy Tan

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Parental Expectations Most parents impose very high expectations on their children. While some expect their sons to become professionals in respected fields, others encourage their daughters to find good husbands. The parents impose these expectations without consulting their children. In most situations, the expectations of the parent deviate from the dreams of the child. This is what becomes evident when one reads Sandra Cisneros’ Only Daughter and Amy Tan’s Mother Tongue. In these short stories, the expectations that the parents of the narrators elicit mixed reactions. The expectations of the narrators’ parents hold them back from attaining personal goals while causing them to desperately desire approval and eventually accepting and embracing their parents.. An exploration of Mother Tongue reveals that parental expectations places immense pressure on children and causes them to fail in their pursuit of their dreams. This is also clear in Only Daughter. The narrator in Mother Tongue describes a speech that he delivered: “The talk was going well enough, until I remembered one major difference that made the whole talk sound wrong. My mother was in the room” (Tan, 1990). From this description, it is evident that the narrator’s mother held her back from delivering a captivating talk. The mother had established a manner of speaking that was different from how the narrator was delivering the talk. This can be taken to mean that the mother expected the daughter to deliver the

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