Parental Influence On Children 's Cognitive Development

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Abstract: The following literature review contains different articles that support how relevant is parental influence on their children’s cognitive development. Since a child is born, parents play such an important role in their children’s cognitive development, that failing at doing the proper steps of assuring a correct development in their children affects their children’s academic success in life. Parents could make their children’s future goals achievable or almost impossible, and trace the success of their descendants. Therefore, with the support of this research, parents will have the necessary information to correctly influence their children, to ensure their correct and highest cognitive development possible.

Introduction A person’s cognitive development starts when she or he is developing in the womb and continues through life. Nevertheless, how correctly and completely it happens depends on the person’s parents. Therefore, all parents should acknowledge the relevance of their influence in the cognitive development of their children. To reassure this important aspect, parents should know how important it is to follow the right steps. The discussed steps to follow are a correct prenatal care, proper infant nutrition, the use of the right brain stimulation soon after the baby is born, and parent involvement in school. Parental influence is related to the cognitive development of children, and a high cognitive development is guaranteed by
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