Parental Interaction Is Fundamental For The Development Of The Child

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Parental interaction is fundamental for the development of the child. The attention and communication they receive can affect who they become in the future and the behavior they will develop as they grow up. The kind of interaction that children get from their parents can have an influence on the types of attachments they develop as they grow up. Because of this, an experimental design was formulated in order to learn about parent-child interaction and its influence on the types of attachments. The experiment will be based on sixty Hispanic mothers. Children will be required to answer a pretest and posttest so their age range will be from 10 to 14 to ensure they can comprehend the questions. There will be two groups of 30 mothers with a single child each. One group will be told to wait in a room for an hour and to not interact with their children, children would be allowed to play on their own. The other group will be told to wait 4 hours and they will be instruct to play with their children during that time. Before and after the experiment the two groups will take a parent-child attachment survey. The experiment will be done separately for each mother and child to avoid distractions between all children. After spending 4 hours playing children will be expected to show a closer relation with parents compared to the pretest. The other group will be expected to either stay the same or to decrease on attachment.
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