Parental Involvement And Children Academic Success Essay

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Parental Involvement and Children Academic Success
Research Paper
Sociological Bases of Education

The Context: In my twenty plus years of teaching in both the public and private school and dealing with hundreds of parents and students and watching the effects of parental involvement on student success. Parent involvement has been shown to have positively influenced children’s education; however, many parents do not get involved in their child’s education, especially in middle school and high school. That is why I decided to focus my study on the reasons why some parents are more involved in their child’s education than others.

Literature Review: As I began my research on parent involvement in education I came across a great deal of information that supports the connection between parental involvement and student achievement. “Research has indicated that parental involvement improves components of children’s education such as daily attendance, cognitive and social skills or achievement, behavior and attitude, confidence and motivation” (e.g. Collons & Wikelund, 2001; Epstein, 2001; ITS, 2004; Sheldon,2003). There were also many reasons cited as to why some parents are more involved in their child/children’s education than other parents, socioeconomic status, ethnicity and culture, parent background and self-perception were the main reasons stated. As I continued my research I began to associate what I was reading with elementary my students. I started my
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