Parental Involvement And Collaboration Within A Child 's Educational Involvement

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Abstract Parental involvement and collaboration in a child’s educational involvement is positively related to significant student outcomes. It is becoming increasingly obvious that framework is a noteworthy factor in understanding academic achievement, and the venue in which a child, family, and school situated is among salient circumstances influencing performance. In an effort to structure a research framework on rural education in high poverty areas, this study analyzes research on increasing parental involvement in high poverty, rural areas in an attempt to decrease significant learning gaps students have attained as a result of nominal parental involvement and collaboration before the onset of starting school while persistently…show more content…
Research discoveries have pointed unequivocally to the connection between parents attitudes, behaviors, and actions of student learning and academic success. Parent participation and collaborative efforts in the child’s education are related to multiple outcomes considered eminent in the educational realm. Amplified student achievement and academic performance, retention of academic skills, improved study skills, positive attitudes towards school while actively participating, and higher educational aspirations among students and families. The structure of the rural student body in America is transforming with increasing rates of poverty, migrant families, poorly educated parents, and single parent homes in rural communities. The establishment of quality, meaningful relationships between home and school in rural settings and respectful engagement among rural family members in educational decision-making and goal corroborating process is often problematic and challenging to attain. Parents in high poverty, rural areas are intermittently involved with their children pertaining to school participation and programs, attending school functions and establishing collaborative partnerships with faculty staff, and administration as compared to their counterparts in suburban and urban school districts (Semke & Sheridan, 2012). The purpose of
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