Parental Involvement And Sexual Involvement

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As the literature is being reviewed research and evidence is showing the importance of parental involvement in every aspect and in every socioeconomic class. Yvonne peril constructs research one program for involvement but first wanted to come up with a cookie cutter definition of what parental involvement was. Through research she realized that this task was very difficult. And as she review literature on parental involvement a conclusion was made that there was no consistent agreement on for across the board of what parental involvement should be defined as. In Parriel’s research she discovered that there are several elements that help us define and come up with a conclusion of what parental involvement encompasses. Amaral and Ford (2005) stated three elements that should be included when discussing and defining what parental involvement is the three elements are: 1. The difficult issue of multidimensions of both parents and school behavior. 2. The existence on a continuum from school centered activities to Home Center activities 3. The philosophy which states that educators and the community working towards the common goal of optimal student achievement school program in the first school environment. These three elements states should be included when describing and attempting to define what parental involvement is. From Pireiel’s research, he was able to conclude that Parental involvement is of extreme importance and great benefit to all students. Parental
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