Parental Involvement

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Running head: PARENTAL INVOLVEMENT INTERVIEW Parental Involvement Interview Roseann Mazik Grand Canyon University Parental Involvement Interview Parental involvement includes a wide range of behaviors but generally refers to parents' and family members' use and investment of resources in their children's schooling. These investments can take place in or outside of school, with the intention of improving children's learning. Parental involvement at home can include activities such as discussions about school, helping with homework, and reading with children. Involvement at school may include parents volunteering in the classroom, attending workshops, or attending school plays and sporting events. Parental involvement is…show more content…
This year it was several Jr. High programs. I talk to/email teachers regularly to keep track of progress, behavior issues, growth in personality/social skills etc. I get copies of reports/evaluations prior to IEP meetings so I can be an informed participant. I write introductions to my daughter’s letters for transition IEP’s so those new to her can get a sense of who she is and how she ticks. I research the law and our rights via when I think there might be a problem granting IEP requests I have. I volunteer on field trips.” A mother with an Asperger’s child stated: “Yes. By getting him treatment for his Asperger’s including physical therapy, drugs, IEP programs and psychological treatment. 2. What can schools do to involve more parents in the education process? A mother with a son who has Asperger’s stated: “Not much. The parent has to be motivated and support their child’s needs. When this happens things work out fine. If they do not participate then the child suffers.” A mother with a daughter who has Autism stated: “Talking to parents and be open to listen to what they have to say. Many parents do not understand the IEP process and will draw a complete blank when asked “do you have any goals for your child” Let parents know that they actually are EQUAL members of the IEP team and that their input is valid and important. 3. Do you know your rights as a parent with a special needs
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