Parental Involvement Is Important For The Success Of Various Educational And Intervention Programs

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Many studies have indicated that parental involvement is important to the success of various educational and intervention programs (Granger, Rivieres-Pigeeon, Sabourin & Forget, 2012; Hastings & Johnson, 2001; Neymotin, 2013; Solish & Perry, 2008). The National Research Council Report (2001) strongly recommends parental involvement in autism interventions. Additionally, in his 1987 study, Lovaas required that parents apply no less than 10 hours per week of the intensive behavioral intervention (IBI) program with their own children. Parents participating in Lovaas’ IBI program are often encouraged to be full members of the therapy team (Lovaas & Buch, 1997). The increased intervention hours that come from parental involvement are supposed to improve the child’s cognitive, language, social, and adaptive skills (Sallows & Graupner, 2005). In addition, parental involvement can help these skills more successfully generalize from the treatment setting to the natural environment (Lovass, 1987).
II. Parental Involvement in Educational Settings
Although it is understood within the autism intervention community that parental involvement is key to the success of any program, empirical research is lacking on parental involvement and intensive behavioral interventions (IBI) for children with autism. Furthermore, there have not been any studies to confirm that parental involvement in IBI effects the outcomes of children with autism (Solish & Perry, 2008). However, there have been several
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