Parental Involvement On Children 's Studies

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Parental involvement in their child 's studies is very important on how the child will pursue their education. Based on a systematic review of recent literature, “The key is not that the source of additional student support comes from a specific entity, but that students benefit significantly when there is an individual, encouraging and expecting the child to be academically successful.” As a teacher at any level I would encourage my students to pick their parents ' brains for knowledge. Email students ' parents on good grades that their child is making and keep the encouragement. These are the steps to help pave the way to the first objective on the SEDL’s list, which is, “creating a welcoming environment that fosters family-school…show more content…
That brings you to the step of getting the parents to want to be involved. Positive phone calls or emails home to encourage the parents to congratulate their kids on the success and tell them to strive for more. I stated before, this would be something that would be very beneficial to having a successful classroom. Auditing for Teaching and Learning is another significant key to a child’s education. The belief is that for students to learn they need to be entirely engaged. That engagement level is called Active Cognitive Engagement. This is the kind of focus that learns each and objective. A task that is difficult for every teacher cause it 's not only getting that one student into that level of engagement but the whole class. The strategy to lift the engagement level is, “Assigning roles is a good way to include all students in the process, working or collaborating together to accomplish a task or learning goal.However, working together may advance or may not advance the learning of a particular concept, skill, or strategy.” Elementary level the use dry erase boards. This would give every student the opportunity to answer the question. They would write their answer on the board and turn it over to cover the answer. The teacher would then tell the students to hold the boards over their heads with the answers facing the front of the room. This activity is not only enjoyable for the students, but it really allows the teachers to notice the kids that are having
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