Parental Involvement Plan at a Childcare Centre

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Overview We are a Child Care Center with a majority population of 1-2 year olds who have special needs and receive early intervention protocols. Due to the economic climate of the area, many of the children's parents work two jobs and have a great deal of difficulty in participating in the center's activities. Whenever there is an event, for instance, parental involvement is quite low, and far lower than desired. The center has tried to increase parental involvement by sending home notices or calling to remind parents, but to date these have been ineffective. Issue Identification There are several issues at play within this situation. The center is likely in a demographic area in which most of the parents are struggling financially. This in no way indicates their disinterest in their children, but likely means that in order to afford to live, eat, and raise children, a 2nd income is necessary. It may also be likely that many of the parents are single-parents, increasing the pressure they feel. If the Center has already tried written reminders and telephone calls, then the issue is either that the parents do not perceive the value of the event or simply cannot physically attend. Discussion - Coupled with common sense and classroom experience, research shows that parental involvement is crucial in improving reading and literacy skills in children from preschool through adolescence. It appears that babies who are spoken to more by caregivers, or have music or patterns played
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