Parental Involvement : Young And Helpless Essay

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Young and helpless, how we all start. At this point, we rely on parental influence to inscribe the fundamentals of being human. From this point is where each and every person begins to develop what kind of person they will become, essentially building the foundation of our own being and existence. Finish introduction/Rework

“Did you finish your homework, let me see it?”, what may be one of the most influential questions a parent can ask their child. This question has haunted millions of children every year hoping to slide one over on their parents in order to get that extra half hour outside before super. It’s a well researched and proven fact that parental involvement has a large impact on a child’s attitude not only towards school, but learning all together. This positive influence simply doesn 't stop at a parent attending a quarterly PTA meeting, or being part of school events like bake sales or chaperoning. Parents are encouraged to sit down with their children every night and help with homework, so much so that researchers from John Hopkins developed a program called TIPS or (Teachers Involving Parents in Schoolwork). This program was designed to create a cohesion between the school, student as well as the parent. In doing so, the 236 sixth grader students involved in the program saw on average significantly better science grades during high school. In addition, students who had been a part of lower level classes were later on involved in average to high honors
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