Parental Involvement in Education Essay

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Parental Involvement Children are our future leaders, doctors, and more. They need to be taught everything they will need to have success throughout their lives. Parents are known to be the first natural teachers of their children (Sad & Gurbuzturk, 2013). Over the past few decades, researchers have become increasingly concerned with parental involvement in their children’s education. The current idea of learning appears to be focused on developing the entire child through emotional, academic, and social adjustment rather than just academic development (Cheung, & Pomerantz, 2011). Parents and schools have begun to form partnerships in order to help the acquisition of knowledge through the development of the children’s
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Programs have begun to be implemented across the United States to help the parents become and stay more actively involved within their children’s education. Parents are able to learn management of learning for their children at home to encourage higher achievement from these specialized programs (Rogers, Theule, Ryan, Adams, & Keating, 2009).
Importance of Parental Involvement The past two decades have shown some major progress and findings in the understanding of parental involvement. However, one of the major downfalls of the current research conducted for parental involvement is that the theories being used were developed prior to the obtainment of adequate quantitative research on which the theories could be developed (Jeynes, 2011). Researchers are learning that parental involvement is broader than these theories have originally anticipated. It is highly important for researchers to further explore the field of parental development to help ensure that these theories are as accurate as possible. Also, professionals that work within the educational system will need to have a solid understanding of the parental processes and ideas that may affect the children’s educational and emotional outcomes (Rogers et al, 2009). As research continues to be conducted, the field of parental involvement becomes clearer. Most research shows
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