Essay on Parental Involvement in School Systems

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Parental Involvement in School Systems

Parental involvement in school systems is a vital part to the success of many different types of people’s success. Therefore the purpose of this research paper is to investigate the importance of parental involvement in elementary, middle, and high schools, as well as the influence this has on the migrant students. Although, there are many conflicts that occur while trying to get the parents involved in the school systems. This all leads to increased academic success, and proves that it is the best way to go in most cases. “Many factors affect student performances, latest fad is no cure-all”(Weaver, Reg 2003). Although the involvement of parents in school systems doesn’t fix
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“If we all do our part, we can make public schools great for every child”(Weaver, Reg, 2003). Also dealing with the importance of parental involvement in the
Elementary school systems are the view points from Susan Kong and Pham Vinh, from the University of the Pacific studying to become teachers. “Academic
Success can be achieved if a positive relationship is developed between a child’s home and school to reinforce literacy activities”(Susan Kong, and
Pham Vinh, 2003). There are many barriers that exist that stop the parents from getting involved in their child’s school system. School teachers should make the effort to involve the parents even if barriers such as cultural and social norms, and lower socioeconomic statuses that exist with the parents. Also, “The school should make the parents feel welcome in order to foster a sense of community to develop that needed relationship between home and school”(Kong Susan, and Pham Vinh, 2003). “Parents behaviors and attitudes towards literacy can be implanted into their children and serve to reinforce what was taught in school. These behaviors not only lead to improved literacy, but increased academic success overall”(Kong Susan and Pham Vinh, 2003). Wrapping up on parental involvement in Elementary school systems, parents, and teachers need to make the effort to be involved
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