Parental Involvement in their Child's Education Essays

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When my six year old daughter comes home every Friday I expect a green folder filled with colorful masterpieces she created during integrated arts, three new weekly reading books, seven to ten double sided pages of homework, an array of spam letters trying to sell us food and a variety of other things and last but not least, letters from her teacher. Every week it is my responsibility to go through this folder, respond to communication letters, and work with my daughter to complete any assigned work. If I do not work with her on this it won’t get done and she will fall behind in school. Yes, there are some days that I wish I could just flip on my TV and ignore the fact that she has homework, but until she graduates it is my responsibility…show more content…
According to a story printed in The New York Times written by John Couwels, a CNN reporter, “The parents' grades of ‘satisfactory,’ ‘unsatisfactory’ or ‘needs improvement’ would be added to their children's report card” (2011, p. 1). The grades would be based on a simple grading scale that covers three basic guidelines: “A child should be at school on time, prepared to learn after a good night's sleep, and have eaten a meal. A child should have the homework done and prepared for examinations. There should be regular communication between the parent and teacher” (Couwels, 2011, p. 1). The guidelines are very clear and straightforward. They are not complex, they are things parents should already be doing, yet the bill is being met with fierce opposition. In the CNN article, Florida lawmaker wants teachers to grade parents, Kindergarten teacher Theresa Hill states: “We grade our children based on their performance. Why should the parents be any different" (Couwels, 2011, p. 1)? Why is it that a law to improve children’s education being met with so much resistance from parents? After all this law is only trying to help children, not inconvenience parents. The blame is constantly being placed on the teacher and school. While teachers and schools are a major key to a child’s education, there are more components. In an article printed in The New York Times, Thomas Friedman writes: There's no question that a great teacher can make a
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