Parental Mental Illness And Eating Disorders

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1. Summarize the article
In the article of "Parental Mental Illness and Eating Disorder in Offspring", Bould and other researchers (2015) presented a study which investigated the causal relationship between parental mental illness of specific types and eating disorders in their offspring (p. 383). In addition to the data from a longitudinal record-linkage study of children resided in Stockholm County in Sweden from 2001 to 2007, Bould et al. (2015) used the eating disorder status of the children and their parental mental illness information from multiple database and registers (p. 384). Bould et al. (2015) obtained the stratified incidence rates of eating disorder in children in which parents with or without mental illness (p. 386). After adjusted for any potential confounders and analyzed the adjusted hazard ratios of incidence rates of eating disorder in offspring, a conclusion was drawn that sufficient evidence was found to support the hypothesis that parental mental illnesses, including bipolar affective disorder, personality disorder, and anxiety and depression, increased the risk of eating disorders in their children (Bould et al., 2015, p. 388). In addition, Bould et al. (2015) also concluded that there was no association between drug or alcohol misuse of parents and the incidence rate of eating disorders in their offspring, and discussed possible explanation about the association they discovered (p. 390).
2. What topic(s) was/were the focus of the article?
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