Parental Vaccination Compliance Is More Prevalent Than Ever Before Essay

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The controversy surrounding parental vaccination compliance is more prevalent than ever before, and the and these changes yield powerful implications for non-vaccinators and vaccine-compliant parties alike. Although compliance and adherence to health and safety guidelines may wax and wane with changing times, there is sufficient evidence to support the claim that vaccines provide unparalleled protection from preventable and potentially fatal diseases, and failure of even a few to comply with recommended vaccine schedules may increase risk of infection for unvaccinated children, vaccinated children, immunocompromised individuals, and vulnerable populations at large. A systematic review of literature was conducted to explore the relationship between parental education on individual vaccine indications, risks, and benefits and the parental decision making process and outcome of either compliance or non-compliance of these parents towards meeting the Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommended guidelines. Studies were chosen for inclusion in the review if they contained research on education and vaccine compliance. NOT FINISHED


According to the CDC (2015), 95% of children in kindergarten are vaccinated for preventable diseases. However, this percentage does not distribute evenly across the United States as 26 states have yet to meet the government target of 95% of all children to receive the MMR vaccination (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC],
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