Parenthood Is Affordable, The United States Department Of Health, Education, And Welfare

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Many men and women in America don’t have insurance or simply cannot afford health care. Planned Parenthood does have professional doctors who specialized in many reproductive health services. Planned Parenthood is affordable, the program takes a patient whether they have insurance or not, not only that, they charge you by how much income you make. Low income Americans have access to these services too. “The United States Department of Health, Education and Welfare, for example, created a federal program to provide poor, married women with birth control. (Alan Guttmacher Institute)” “One in five American women have used the group’s services, and three out of four of its patients are considered to have low incomes. (Lynn M. Zott)” According…show more content…
Texas is one of the states that cut funds for Planned Parenthood. After Texas defunded the clinic, a survey of 300 pregnant women who were seeking abortions in Texas said that they were unable to access the birth control that they wanted to use in the three months before pregnancy. (Amanda J. Stevenson). According to the article, “Political Attacks on Planned Parenthood Are a Threat to Women 's Health” for some people, Planned Parenthood has come to symbolize abortion, which it has provided since 1970. But in all the rhetoric, facts have sometimes gone missing. For example, Senator Jon Kyl of Arizona declared on the floor of the Senate that abortion accounts for "well over 90 percent" of what Planned Parenthood does. That figure is actually 3 percent. Planned Parenthood clinics perform one in four abortions in the U.S. but use no federal funds for this practice. To some abortion opponents, that 3 percent is reason enough to gut the organization. If a future Congress and White House were to do so, however, it would drive women once again into the back alleys, without necessarily decreasing the number of abortions. Stripping Planned Parenthood of federal funding would also sacrifice the 97 percent of its public health work that has nothing to do with abortion, from which many people benefit directly. One in five American women have used the group 's services, and three out of four
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