Parenthood Movie Paper

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“Parenthood” Movie Paper While watching the movie “Parenthood” I took an interest in the character Gary Buckman. Gary is the youngest child to Helen Buckman who is Gil, the main characters, sister. Helen is a single mother who is still struggling with the fact that her ex-husband wants nothing to do with his children and is refusing to help raise them. Gary has an older sister, Julie, who, instead of worrying about SAT scores she is totally wrapped up in her boyfriend Todd, who is a race car wannabe that is not too much liked by Helen. Gary’s behavior from the beginning of the movie is odd. He is quite and not very open with his mother. He has angry posters plastered all over his bedroom door and a padlock locking his door…show more content…
In this stage a person tries to figure out who they are but sometimes they get confused to which of the possible roles they should adopt. Gary is confused at which his role and stuck in role confusion. He does not seem to know or care what is identity is. His respond to most things is a shrug is any response is given. When Julie moves out and he is told by Julie that she is moving out his response is a simple “bye” with no emotion. Gary is searching for who he is supposed to be by not socializing with his mother or anyone else and by trying to defy everything that is expected of him. The call to his father is a something that he thinks that will help him find himself by getting to know his father. After being denied his father he ransacks his father’s office now denying that part of his life and in a way saying that he does not want to become his father. Gary is also trying to establish his own sexual identity and is confused by some of the feeling that he has been having. The suspicious paper bag he has been carrying around just happens to be adult movies that he has been using to educate himself on the feelings that he has been having. When his mom breaks into his room and finds the bag and what it contains the confrontation allows Gary to admit to his confusion on his sexual identity to his mom. His mom then hesitantly turns to Todd for help and with this help Gary is able to begin
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