Parenting 101

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The Glass Castle has been a great memoir to allow readers to make sense of what Jeannette Walls had gone through as little girl on the many journeys with her family and with herself. It addresses the many social issues such as: neglect, sexual abuse, homelessness, unsanitary conditions, and alcohol abuse. In this memoir we are able to see a glimpse of how Rex and Rosemary Walls choose to educate their children to see the better side of their daily hardships. To show that no matter what nature throws at us we can handle it. Rex and Rosemary Walls may not have been the best parents however they were able to turn their children into well-educated adults. They were able to accomplish this by ensuring them that they loved them and would never…show more content…
Jeannette, Lori, Brian, and Maureen are all very close to each other. They depend on each other more than they depend on their parents. They are so close to each other that more than just family their each other friends. Like when the incident with Grandmother Erma happened. Lori immediately went to see what was happening along with Jeannette and Maureen. When their parents got home they explained what happened and when their father didn’t care they stood up to him. They tried to protect each other even if that meant having to get into trouble. On the other hand even though the children gained all these traits that the parent’s intention of achieving them wasn’t totally appropriate for them. An example of this is when Jeannette’s father takes her to a bar and doesn’t care if an older man abuses her sexually. He just assumes that Jeannette is tough girl who knows what she is doing and can take care of herself just find even though she is only twelve at the time. “…Aw, come on,’ he said and shouted at Dad, ‘I’m going to take your girl upstairs.’ ‘Sure’ ‘Just don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.’ He pointed his pool cue at me. ‘Holler if you need me,’ he said and winked at me as if to say he knew I could take care of myself, that this was just a part of my job.” However, her father never meant for his daughter to get hurt so this is why he said to call him if she need it, but he wanted her to learn
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