Parenting : A Balancing Act

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Parenting: A Balancing Act When the term, “Chinese family,” comes to mind, it can often be associated with words or qualities such as prosperity, diligence, intelligence, superintendence, and even negligence. These associations, however, did not just appear out of thin air. Children raised under a Chinese parenting style often corner the markets in areas concerning child prodigies, successful students, and assiduous workers. Most of the aforementioned qualities of these children can be attributed to the parenting style in which they were exposed to. In Amy Chua’s article, “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior,” she explains that Chinese mothers understand that, “to get good at anything you have to work, and children on their own never want…show more content…
In Hanna Rosin’s article, “Mother Inferior,” the two styles of parenting are contrasted heavily when Rosin tells similar stories of the two mothers receiving homemade birthday cards from their children. In Rosin’s case, her child was met with praise, “as if they were Matisse,” whereas Chua, “threw back one quickly scribbled birthday card, saying ‘I reject this,’” and proceeded to chastise her daughters telling them, “they could do better,” (223). This type of criticism, no matter how constructive the intentions, would’ve been met with disapproval by the principles of Western parenting. Western parents make it their job to be their child’s number one fan. However, Western parents are often too malleable and the style on its own is not the holy grail of parenting. The key to successful parenting is not to just pick one of the two and stick to it religiously, but to instead have a balanced mixture of the two styles. The loose styles of the Western parents and the strict styles of the Chinese parents both have admirable qualities. One must be able to look at both parenting styles and make note of the opportunities and values each offer and encourage. A successful parent incorporates the qualities of the Chinese parenting style that encourage hard, diligent work as well as the pushing of kids to their full potential whilst still using the principles that Western parents covet to encourage individuality, create a high self-esteem, and a working support system for
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