Parenting As A Child With Special Needs

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Parenting in Lesbian-Gay (LGBT) or Same-Sex Couple Homes. A review study (American Psychological Association, 2005) showed no evidence that lesbian or gay parents are unfit to parent children nor are the children under their care as parents are disadvantaged psychosocially or economically as compared with heterosexual couples. Nevertheless, this study admitted that data on LGBT parents are limited (American Psychological Association, 2005). The same findings were noted in another study (Telingator & Patterson,2008). Parenting during Post-Separation of Couples.Smyth, (2004) discussed the nature of parenting arrangements during the post-separation (whether after divorce or legal separation of couples), as follows. Parenting patterns post-separation is dependent on material resources available to and conflict aspects of both parents. Nevertheless, child maturity status is also important such that “daytime-only” parent-child contact is being more common if the child is of preschooler age, and “shared-care”: parent-child contact if the child is of primary schooling age. Parenting a Child with Special Needs. Hughes, Valle-Riestra, and Arguelles, (2008) revealed results, as follows. Families with a child with special needs have a different level of participation in their special child’s life and educational schooling compared with other normal children. These parents require more time commitment, more intense, difficult involvement and more awareness of their child’s needs.
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