Parenting Class on Sleep Settling and Postnatal Depression

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Parenting Class on Sleep Settling and Postnatal Depression Sleep Settling I. Introduction The Raising Children Network (2012) reports that sleep problems in infants and postnatal depression in mothers "are common experiences" and it research has demonstrated that "sleep problems occur in approximately 45% of infants aged 0-12 months. This problem may result in "serious consequences for families that adversely affect child development." (Raising Children Network, 2012) Research findings indicate an existing links between depression in mothers and infant sleep problems although it is not clear precisely what the link between these two conditions actually is. II. Previous Research Previous research includes a study of 328 mothers all of whom were reporting significant sleep problems in their infants. The report states that some of the mothers were "randomly allocated to a program (treatment group) where they received consultation from a maternal and child health nurse." (Raising Children Network, 2012) The mothers were assisted by the nurse in the development of an individualized sleep management plan which was inclusive of positive bedtime routines, controlled comforting or camping out, and strategies for phasing out night-time feeds and dependence on dummies." (Raising Children Network, 2012) The control group did not receive the program assists and received information instead on normal childhood sleep. The mothers kept diaries and a postnatal depression

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