Parenting: Diana Baumrind Theory

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Many people do not notice how cruel a parent can be with their kids. Many don't take the time to see how a parent is truly. Most parents don't realize how their parenting methods affect their child's development. Most parents don't realize how bad or good of a parent they are. Many of them don't see that their kids imitate the methods they use to discipline their kids. In fact there are many types of different beliefs of parents. But there are certain people who observe the children’s behavior. Because sometimes people can notice how well the child’s needs are met physically and emotionally based on their behavior. The parent’s behavior reflects in the children’s behavior. Diana Baumrind graduated in 1948 at the University of California. She earned an AB in philosophy and in psychology. A few years later she earned the MA for developmental, clinical, and social psychology in 1951 than a few years later earned a PhD in 1955.Diana worked at the Berkeley’s institute of human development. Diana Baumrind directed the socialization and developmental project. Later on in Diana’s career she focused a lot on the parental styles. Diana was really interested in the development of the child’s based on how well their needs where met. She came up in a theory that there are four different kinds of parenting styles. Diana Baumrind came up with the baumrind theory of parenting styles. She believed that here where four different types of parenting styles. The first parenting
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