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Encouraging better behaviour to A practical guide g positive parentin a child and “I was smacked as smack my promised never to ver stopped kids. Smacking ne being me or my brothers resent my naughty, but I did mum afterwards.” of Natalie, 3, Christine, mum onths and Louise, 3 m “I don’t believe in smacking as a method of pu nishment for a child who ha s done something wrong . I don’t think it works.” Lorraine Kelly, T V presenter and m um of one Most parents say their children are the most important part of their lives. They bring joy and laughter and give you a stake in the future. But sometimes being a parent isn’t easy. It can be challenging and exhausting. At such times, parents who are normally loving and caring can find…show more content…
Different approaches will work for different children in your family, and the rules will change as your children grow. Understanding why children misbehave All children test the limits you set and try to cross boundaries some of the time. This is an inevitable part of growing up, learning and becoming an independent person. Younger children particularly may test constantly. This is not them being naughty or disobedient – it is the only way they can learn when you mean what you say and what the limits to their behaviour are. Attention seeking Children will do just about anything to get the attention they crave from their parents. Revenge Trying to get back at someone they feel has treated them badly – a sibling, parent or friend. Children may not understand your reasons for insisting on a rule or limit – it helps to recognise their feelings of anger. Feeling sad A child of any age may show that they are feeling sad or anxious by behaving badly and may need more sympathy and affection. Punishing them will only make matters worse. Feeling powerless If a child feels upset at not having control, they may often hit out or get mad at an older sibling or friend. Stage of development Some children are simply not able to do what their parents want because of their age or
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