Parenting Is A Huge Public Health Issue Facing Society Today

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Parenting is a huge public health issue facing society today (Hoghughi, 1998). The environment a parent sets for their child is important because childhood is the time when human beings are particularly susceptible and responsive to external experiences (Bornstein, 1998). Children will grow up to believe behaviors and ideals of their parents are appropriate and acceptable by society. The influence parents have on kids has a major effect on issues such as teen pregnancy, substance abuse, child abuse, juvenile crime, and mental illness that can follow a child into adulthood (Hoghughi, 1998). Furthermore, parents that experienced abuse in their childhoods and more likely to abuse their children (Childrens’ Bureau, 2013). They may not understand why this behavior is bad or the extent of damage they are causing. To break the cycle of maltreatment, poor parenting, and long term consequences the community across the country must implement strategies that prevent abuse and neglect (Childrens’ Bureau, 2013). The United States should require people to become licensed before becoming parents to reduce lasting negative effects on society regardless of the perceived rights infringement.
Educating parents is a crucial step in obtaining licensure and will help them understand the effects on their childs’ development and life outcomes. Parenting classes can include many topics such as basic baby caring, first aid, child development, how to deal with behavioral issues, how to discipline

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