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Janet Michelle Lewis Parenting Practices April 12, 2014 PARENTING PRACTICES Parenting a child is a very important role. Parents teach a child how to behave and they provide the needs for the child. Parenting practices varies from generation to generation. In the chart below I have described parenting practices over generations in my family. | Generation 1: Years (1960-1970) | Generation 2: Years(1980-2000) | Generation 3: Years(2000-2014) | Parenting Practice 1: Education | Medium standards | Medium standards | High standards | Parenting Practice 2:Religious Involvement | High standards | High standards | High standards | Parenting Practice 3:Breastfeeding | High standards | Medium standards | Low standards |…show more content…
Parenting emphasized how healthy and important it was to breast feed. Throughout generations family members began to rely more on formula, than breast feeding. Early on in our generation, parenting did not focus on extra curriculum activities as much. All of the kids in the neighborhood loved to go outside and play street ball, skate and just hang out. However, for Christmas parents would but balls, games, skates, jump ropes and etc. Later in our generation parents in our family suggested that we participated in sports in school, but they did not push us to participate. Cohort effects and its influence on the parenting practices of each generation: The effects of being born at about the same time, exposed to the same in society, and influenced by the same demographic trends and thus, having similar experiences that make the group unique from other group. Cohort effects are most likely to be a problem during cross-sectional study as it is difficult to separate effects of developmental changes from cohort effects when examining age effects across a wide range of ages (Cozby, 2009). Educated Black Americans were role models in all generations such as Martin Luther King Jr., Myia Angelo, Booker T. Washington, and many others. These individuals had better life styles and better living standards as well. These are the factors that contributed to parents over generations, to push their children to get the highest education possibly. Parents would
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