Parenting Style

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Ginny Bouphasok Diana Refsell Developmental Psychology 10/2/12 I think so many factors influence parenting. I would like to start this off with one of the most important factors I think that influence parenting, and that is having a child unplanned and not being ready for it versus planning for a child and being ready for it. I am a little old fashioned when it comes to certain things and especially when I think of how I would raise my child. I do not have one, and I am a lesbian. I am not sure when I will have one, but I want to with a potential partner, hopefully she can carry or we can adopt as well. When I say I am a little old fashioned I guess I am referring to how I would raise my child. When I see the way my friends act…show more content…
It’s the parent’s job to stay on top of things like that, so the children don’t end up watching anything bad. I also think some children play electronics too much, there is nothing wrong with them playing it by all means, but I think some parents stick them on it so they don’t have to deal with them. Another big issue is many parents get mad at their children because when it’s during the school season, some young children don’t like to do homework. When I was younger my dad taught me my alphabets, math, emergency numbers, and address at a very young age. My dad always bought me coloring books, pencils, and papers to keep me busy. We had a Nintendo system, but I barely used it. Even though my parents didn’t speak English or learn the things I did in school they would still try their best to help me or find me help. People cannot expect for their children to love studying and working with school materials if you don’t support them and work with them. When I have my child, I plan to paint and color with them all the time. It’s so important to be active with children especially when they are young and their brains are developing. Communication and patience is the key with children. Also the right amount of emotion and love is very important. I know raising children is not easy that’s why it’s not meant for everyone. And planning ahead I think makes a huge difference. My friends tell me when I talk about what I would do with my kid they tell me
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