Parenting Styles And Presenting A United Front

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Parenting Styles and Presenting a United Front
By Shonda Kellams | Submitted On August 02, 2012

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Expert Author Shonda Kellams
So what exactly does a united front mean? We hear it often from parenting experts on TV, the Internet, and in magazines, but do parents really understand it in practice? Everyone has a different style of parenting, and a united front means to join your parenting together so that children can not play the divide and conquer game (which they are extremely good at). Research has indicated that there are four basic parenting styles ranging from only fulfilling a child 's basic needs for food, shelter, and schooling to those that expect complete obedience with no explanation or conversation. Of course each family has a unique blend of these four basic parenting styles.

Experts agree that no matter which parenting style each parent has, finding a way to combine them that is consistent will produce the most capable and successful children. Parenting disagreements are one of the major causes of marital problems. So for the sake of your relationship with your spouse and to help make your children successful, happy adults you must…
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