Parenting Styles And Their Influences On Our Children Essay

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Parenting Styles and Their Influences on Our Children The Community College of Philadelphia By: Maria Maldonado November 22nd, 2016 The Introduction Thesis- It is my belief that in order to provide a framework of parenting that would allow for the best probable outcome for a child’s development it is important to take a stance in which we provide reasonable demands from our children while providing equal responsiveness to their needs. Majority of us are born with two arms, two legs, a head and a torso, physically we grow and grow until we can no longer grown vertically with very little intervention, yet many of us are born into similar circumstances and often times we are provided with very different outcomes. We are able to observe it at a young age, for myself I was pressed with the expectation of delivering good grades, completing homework as well as daily home chores, while I observed some friends and classmates disregard those very same expectations with little regard. I would view my mother as an authoritarian even till this they, I use to think it wasn’t fair that I had to do more than my peers, it felt like my mother was punishing me at times with the expectations they bestowed upon me, while sometimes I wished my mother would have shown me a little more love and care. There are many different ways our parents could choose to raise us, four of which I will be addressing in this paper and at the end concluding which I believe is the best way for me to parent
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