Essay on Parenting Styles

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Reflection Paper.
Mr. and Mrs. Harsh­Heart believe in the importance of stern discipline and impose strict rules that they expect their children to obey without question. They penalize behavior harshly, frequently with spanking. Mr. and Mrs. Easygoing do not use punishment to enforce their rules and believe in natural consequences teaching lessons and setting limits on behavior. They have regular family meetings with their children to discuss household rules and their importance to the family dynamics. These styles of parenting have their advantages and disadvantages. There are ethical and unethical issues when it comes to discipline with punishment styles as well.
The advantages and disadvantages of The Harsh­Heart family can
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The children can become rebellious, if the parents are just strict but do not allow much or high expectations or do not guide their children, the children may not learn right from wrong themselves. The child may simply just behave when parents are around. Some strict parents are not open to ideas and forget to communicate with their children. Which give their children communication problems. The child will feel less confident and more insecure. The feelings of the child won’t be expressed because he may believe his feelings will be criticized or punished. The children will need someone to confide in and the parent may not be available for this role. “Studies of Spanish and Brazilian adolescents have reported that teens from authoritarian homes had lower self­esteem than did teens from authoritative or permissive families
(Martinez and Garcia 2007; Martinez and Garcia 2008).” Secrets and lies manifest within the relationship between the child and parent. When children are under the pressure of strict rules, they learn how to avoid punishment through lies and deceit. This leads to lying about places they are going and friends they hang out with and also activities they do. Sometimes the child in a strict household does not learn to make responsible situations because the decision was always made for them. This can lead to dangerous outcomes and wrongful
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