Parenting Styles Have A Key Effect On A Child 's Development

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Helicopter Parents: Why they’re doing their teen more harm than good_ “Where will you be at each minute of the day? Who will you be with? When will you be home? Will there be anyone else there? What will you be doing? How do we know we can trust you?” These are just some of the questions that many teenagers encounter on a daily basis, when growing up under the rule of authoritarian parents. Parenting styles have a key effect on a child’s development, impacting both present and future relationships in all aspects of life, and a highly common type of parenting is this authoritarian style. Authoritarian parents focus on discipline, and show little to no warmth. A ‘helicopter parent’ is a term used to describe parents (commonly mothers) who are over controlling and overbearing. Parents such as this would be very strict, often restricting a child’s use of technology, sleeping, eating, socialising, and many other aspects of the child’s life that by a certain age, the child should certainly be able to control for him or herself. This large amount of control usually continues into the teen years, and often this is where the hands on, involved parenting style, finally bites back. A study conducted by the University of Mary Washington in the USA on young adults aged 18 to 23 found that those who had grown up with an inappropriate level of parental control had a higher level of depression, decreased satisfaction of life, and a decrease in autonomy, competence, and the ability to
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