Parenting Styles and Children's Development Essay

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Parenting Styles and Children's Development There are several parenting styles which guide children throughout their life. These parenting styles can be either good or bad and this will have an effect on the child; either a positive or a negative one. This essay investigates the parenting styles from which emerge questions about the role of the mother and the father. It also focuses on the ways that either too much mothering or too much fathering might have an effect on the child’s identity later on in its life. What is good parenting style and how should parents act? Good parenting style shapes a child’s character and helps the child become a decent person of good manners. It is found that in order for this to occur parents must…show more content…
Parenting style can be diverse from country to country, but even across country they can be surprisingly similar. As Being from Greece I would like to compare the American parenting style to the Greek parenting style. An interview of my roommate was conducted which showed that her parents were never strict with her and she never had a curfew. Her parents let her make her own decisions. This is how things work in my family as well. My parents let me make my own decisions and take responsibility for any consequences. Apart from that she argued that in her family the mother is in charge of the house and the children’s care whereas the father is less involved. So things are not as different between our families. On the contrary they are rather similar. However, whether parenting styles are pretty much the same it is also very important how a specific parenting behavior takes place. If it takes place under harsh and non-friendly conditions then the child will never know how to act in a good way around people and it will never have the manners that its parents would wanted it to. This similarity of parenting styles might be happening because there are quite a few stereotypes which still exist in a large number of families. In most families the mother is the one who is responsible for the child’s rearing. The mother wakes the children up in the morning, she takes them to school, and she makes their meals and tucks them
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