Essay on Parenting in Different Aspects

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In today’s society, school has been looked at to be a form of child day-care. In school is seen as a learning environment and parents want to their child to be exposed to driven instruction to get maximum results of a fine education. In reading I found the Chinese mothers to be superior in their child’s education and performances. Failure is not an option and anything less than their child’s best must be focused upon and perfected. With determination, strictness, and parental involvement, we find that these types of children receive the most out of their education. It is most intriguing to take a closer look at the strategies and the intellectual expectations of Chinese mothers from their children. As for Western parents their …show more content…
But there are some parents who would argue that the way Chinese mothers’ parent is of some form of abuse. Because if a Western mother were to find out that another parent forced her young daughter to pull an all-nighter of piano practice, refusing to give her water or bathroom breaks, or tried to force a 3-year-old to do better at her first piano lesson by making her stand outside in 20-degree weather until she relented, they suspect that Social Services would be knocking at the door. Also how the article says that the Chinese mother would tell their child "Hey fatty lose some weight" or "You're lazy “ (Chua, 2011).
All your classmates are getting ahead of you" there would be some parents who would suggest that this is verbal abuse. Some would say that with all of this verbal abuse the child may experience psychological and social emotional difficulties, including depression, suicidal risk, and anxiety, because of the pressure that they feel they have to accomplish.
Others may agree with the type of parenting, there are parent who think that this kind of parenting would be what’s best for them. The fact that they can monitor their child and not worry about them getting in any trouble, but there is always a bad side to everything. Once the child hits adolescence they are going to want to explore and if the strictness is still in effect, this can cause the child to act out, because of the fact that they would want to

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