Parenting in the 21st Century

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Parent Involvement for the 21st Century Introduction The 21st century presents a mixture of challenges in all spheres of life. One undisputable thing is that this century has brought forth both good and bad things in one package. Globalization, which is perfectly facilitated by high speed internet and impeccable communication systems, makes children of the modern time to be exposed to millions of things which are either good or bad. This transcends across all the operations of the children including their education. Education being of great importance to the children, calls for a dear need to every stakeholder to be involved in it effectively so that the good and the bad presented by the 21st century do not ruin anything in this sector. However, making all the stakeholders, who include parents and the community at large, to be effectively involved in school activities that help the children’s education a success, requires a well developed plan. In fact, a good relationship between the school staff, parents/guardians of the children and the community is inevitably needed if the children are to succeed in life. In addition to the good relationship, methods that ensure perpetual improvement and continuity of such a relationship need to be established and implemented. Description of the plan philosophy The guarding philosophy in the plan states that for a better schooling experience in the 21st century, parents and the community have a key role to play, which is equally
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