Parents And Guardians Responsibility For Their Children’S

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Parents and Guardians Responsibility for their Children’s Crime Many children tend to break the law, especially in our generation today in 2000’s. These children commit crimes like vandalism, underage drinking, and possession and under the influence of drugs. Some perform more serious crimes like driving without license, stealing, breaking into a house, rape, and even murder. The parents are mostly held responsible for the crime their children committed, especially when their kids are fined or when called to court for the trial of the crime committed by their children. Based on, all children are capable breaking the law in some ways, but adolescents 13-16 years old are the ones who tend to break more laws. Most of these…show more content…
The parents that are held responsible for their children’s crimes are maybe fined, get the damage repaired, or sent to jail. Most parents might be able to discipline their kids from time to time, but there are also quite several parents that can’t handle their kids on their own especially if they are single parents or having family problems. Parents might be a huge influence to their kids. Even their judgement of right and wrong is usually influenced by their parents and the way they’re raised, children are still capable of doing crimes even if they know that it is wrong. In 2008, Araluen MLA Jodeen Carney stated that “The legislation is failing on its promise to reduce youth crime and hold parents responsible for the action of their children.” In the same article, she also said that the parent’s responsibility for the crime of their kids will have a small effect on lessening youth crimes. There are many laws that are being passed regarding on parent’s responsibility for their children’s crimes. In an article from Northern Territory News, stated that “Parents of children who offend will be asked to sign family responsibility agreements with penalties of up to $2200. After an agreement is breached, a court can impose a family responsibility order.” This quotation shows on how much can the parents of a child that commit a crime can be punished. The
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