Parents And Public Health Nurses

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Parents start to face the decision to immunize their child before they are even born. This may be an easy or a tough decision for parents depending on what they know about vaccines or what they don’t. Parents want to feel confident that they are making the best decision for their child and their health. From the moment a child is born there are vaccines recommended for a baby, infant, toddler and child. Nurses will play a large role in the vaccinations of children as well as educating parents and families about the risks, and benefits in immunizing. Nurses will need to understand their own position on this topic as well as understand parents and families positions. There is a rise in controversy over the large list of immunizations from the CDC (Center for Disease Control), so as a nurse, or healthcare provider, there is a duty to provide safe, educated, and unbiased information to parents about vaccines. “Parents and public health nurses both described the public nurses main role as being a counselor and mediator of information , not only offering support to parents but also facilitating a good connection and building relationship of trust” (Austvoll-Dahlgren & Helseth. 2010, p 2424). This paper will discuss the pros and cons of pediatric immunizations, mandates for them, and the history of diseases that now have vaccines against them. The position of the writer will also be discussed, as well as the role that nurses can have in helping parents make the best decision for
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