Parents Anonymous Adult Groups

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There were quite a few apparent norms within the group which included honesty, confidentiality, listening to others and respect. Regardless if someone is a new parent, has been a parent for years or is a caregiver that plays a role in a child’s life they are to be respected and listened to within the group. Members were expected to be honest with each other and about their situation so that they could receive the appropriate support and help that they needed. As the name describes members are expected to keep anything, including members’ identities, completely confidential. For example, the grandmother mentioned before, Jennifer*, described how her granddaughter would often lash out verbally to her about her mother’s death and the young girl would not eat anything that her mother once cooked for her. Jennifer, grieving herself, was having a very hard time coping with the death of her daughter while trying to help her granddaughter grieve as well. Jennifer had not been in an active parenting/caregiving role of a child in twenty years but everyone was expected to demonstrate respect towards her and listen to her story.
There were norms that were broken within the group. These included talking openly about the difficulties they were experiencing as caregivers even though they were with strangers. It is often a stigma for parents to talk about the problems that they are having at home with their children,…
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