Parent's Anxiety About Their Children Starting School

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School introduces many challenges to children which can include, a requirement for more independence, demands on their compliance, forming new relationships, adjustment to a new environment and formal learning. This discussion will consider an article by Liz Bayram (2014), based on research about parent’s anxiety about their children starting school. The article discusses how well prepared children are for school, including how independent they are and their communication and social abilities at this stage. Bayram argues that more needs to be done by schools to help parents and children prepare for school, with 1 in 4 parents saying there is little information. Additionally, the article argues the importance of children’s social, emotional and communication skills, and that regular early communication between schools and parents could help families prepare for these skills which are vital to children’s development in school. In addition, it emphasises the importance of early year childcare providers and states that the reception year is important for helping children to prepare for and adjust to formal schooling. The essay will build upon these claims by investigating the challenges children face at school and whether some are equipped to cope better than others, based on their previous experiences. The main themes of discussion will focus on children’s social, emotional and communication development in middle childhood and school, and how these may affect their capacity to
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