Parents Are The Best Parents Essay: Parents Are The Best Teacher

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It is true that parents are the best teacher for a number of reasons parents have a practical experience regarding the ups and downs of life. They represent practical wisdom on life. They can pass on their experience to their sons and daughters .they can educate them to avoid certain pitfall on life. They have accumulated wisdom to their credit which can be source of guidance to their offspring. However, it is up to the young ones to avail themselves of their practical experience in life.
In the western society there is the spirit of individualism which influences the young ones. They like to undergo experiences the young ones. They like to undergo experiences themselves without taking care of the caution of their parents. The youth is experimental by nature and as such would like to go by its own good or bad experiences. Although the parents are the best teacher, yet the youth in the west may not like to accept their counsel and act on it.
Illiterate parents do have experiences of their own yet they cannot be likened to those of the literate ones. The young men /girls with a fairly good level of education in our society, may spurn a piece of advice given to them by their elders, because, it fails to satisfy the requirements of rationality. Hence a conflict can take
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