Parent´s Decisions in Harry Mark Petrakis´s Song of Rodanthe and Amanda Michalopaulou´s The Firely Hunt

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In Harry Mark Petrakis's short story "Song of Rodanthe" and Amanda Michalopoulou's short story "The Firefly Hunt" the themes revolve around how parent's decisions affect their children. In "Song of Rodanthe" the main character is not allowed to choose the man she wants to marry unless her father approves. In "The Firefly Hunt" the main character attempts to reconnect with his children after divorcing their mother. The subject of male figures that attempt to control the women around them is common in Greek culture and writing. In Petrakis and Michalopoulou's stories the reader is shown how daughters are influenced by the choices their fathers make. Michalopoulou is selectively descriptive when it comes to the main character of the unnamed…show more content…
The story is told from his point of view thus allowing one to see how he talks about Christina and Stella to his ex-wife and "She," the paramour whom he now lives with. When the story first begins, the father pleads with the mother to let him see Christina and Stella once again. Although he makes the effort to reach out he attempts to take the easy way out by asking the mother if she would talk to the girls first, making things easier for him: "'Talk it over with them,' she finally said. 'They'll eat me alive if you don't talk to them first'" (Michalopoulou, 76). The reader finds out that he has been watching the girls frequently from a distance outside of their school. He has many opportunities to approach them but chooses not to therefore letting even more time pass by. He uses the excuse that he does not have an "explanation" for them as the reason for not approaching them. He knows that they will not excuse what he did so, in other words, he needs an excuse for when he sees them. The reader can clearly see that the father leaving home has affected both girls negatively. When the father sees both the girls face to face for the first time he notices a change in their features and their choice of apparel. He finds it strange that they both girls are dressed in completely black clothing. From the father’s reaction, one can guess that the girls most likely did not always dress like this and probably began to after his departure. Their clothing can be viewed as a
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