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Parents Deserve a Fighting Chance In America, it is becoming a more common for parents to become stuck in a vicious cycle of catch 22 of the government to stepping in on family affairs. Laws monitoring the care and treatment of children are prohibiting the ability of parents to discipline their children without interference from the government. These laws are much-needed in some cases, such a neglect, sexual, psychological, and physical abuse. While this is necessary, there are some cases in which these laws more are hurtful than helpful to the family. While abuse is the result of negative parenting styles, other parenting styles that accommodate the strict laws often result in cases of child neglect and/or juvenile delinquency.…show more content…
“While physical abuse is shocking due to the scars it leaves, not all child abuse is as obvious. Ignoring children’s needs, putting them in unsupervised, dangerous situations, or making a child feel worthless or stupid are also child abuse. Regardless of the type of child abuse, the result is serious emotional harm” (Saison, Smith and Segal). The only way to stomp out these myths and to insure our children’s safety is to educate ourselves about these myths, so that this does not happen to them. “If you cannot trust those who are closest to you, who can you trust? Abuse by a parent or a primary care provider can damage even the closest relationship to a child, and it makes it almost impossible to learn to trust people or to sort out who is worthy of trust. This also may lead to catastrophic difficulties in mature relationships due to the fear of being abused” (Help Guide). This also leads to an unhealthy adult dating life since they have no idea of how to respond to a real relationship, as a result of all the bad things that have happened to them as a child. There are increased concerns about rising rates of child abuse. Mostly due to added stressors in life that come along with a nation caught in an economic depression; however, this is no excuse. Parents are finding it harder to raise children properly. With fewer opportunities and limited jobs, parents are taking up working two or more odd jobs so that they can take care of their
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