Parents Divorce Effects On Children

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Parents’ divorce has both short- and long-term effects on children. Some short-term effects include (1) children might feel guilty or responsible for the divorce, (2) they may become increasingly aggressive, violent and/or uncooperative, lashing out at both parents, (3) may become emotionally needy out of fear of being abandoned, (4) may lose the ability to concentrate which could then affect academic performance, and (5) may develop intense feelings of grief and loss. Although many of the effects of divorce on children are short term after which they fade once the child has time to adjust to the new family situation and all the changes that have occurred, there are many cases where the effects may be long term. The children of divorced parents may be more likely to: (1) be less educated, (2) experience poverty and/or socio-economic disadvantage, (3) exhibit anti-social behaviour as well as other behavioural problems, (4) suffer from drug and/or alcohol addictions, and (5) experience separation and/or divorce themselves. Burton (2012) reports that a current report by University of Notre Dame and the University of Rochester uncovered those guardians' conjugal issues can leave an enduring effect on their young kids. Scientists found that when youthful youngsters saw strife between their folks, this in the end prompts issues in their high school years, including melancholy and tension. "The outcomes additionally feature the likelihood that there will be steady negative
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