Parents Gay Parents

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Introduction Recently, in most countries globally, rights that support homosexuality have been passed. Due to this current situation, many researchers decided to find out if it is true or not, whether parents who are gays influence the way their children grow up in relation to their sexuality (Patterson, Charlotte and Rachel, p.121). This subject has been a sensitive topic for quite a while and many people avoid in many cases to discuss about it. Some researchers concluded that children who are under the care of homosexual parents end up being gay in the future, while others in their studies said that gay parents raise their kids normally as other heterosexual parents. This argumentative paper debates on whether parents influence their kids’ sexuality. It analyzes extensively both sides that is, the ones that agree that indeed it is affirmative that gay parents raise gay children and those that refute that notion. Yes, I am affirmative that gay parents raise homosexual children due to the studies conducted by various scholars. Children especially at a tender age imitate what their parents do (Tasker 173). Many of them view their guardians as their role models therefore, have no option but to do exactly what goes on in their household. Several researchers have interviewed children who were brought up in gay homes and their answers have confirmed that their gay parents influenced their sexuality. Another issue that confirms this argument is the fact that in gay homes, there
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