Parents Lying To Their Children About Fictional Characters

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Parents Lying to Their Children About Fictional Characters

Parents give constant reminders to their children about how lying is misbehaving and unacceptable, but parents have been lying or have lied to them for a long period of time. In a 2009 study of American parents, 78 percent of parents admitted to lying to their children. Another study, executed by Gail Heyman of the University of California-San Diego and her colleagues, found that 84 percent of the 114 American parents they chose admitted to telling their children lies to promote behavioral obedience (Smith "Is It Okay for Parents to Lie to Their Kids? China's Parents Say Yes" 2013). These behavioral lies, along with tradition, bring about fictional characters to convince the children that if they comply, they will be rewarded; for example, children must behave year-round or Santa will not deliver presents Christmas Eve night, but coal in stockings. Parents need to stop feeding these ridiculous lies about fictional characters existing to their children.

When I was younger, I was told about Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, and many others comparable to an innumerable amount of children today. Many parents, including mine, have told or will tell similar lies to their children all over the
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A countless number of people may conclude that these lies are solely to give children something to believe in, but realistically they are damaging the children. The “tradition” of expressing these lies must come to an end. It is a necessity that parents discover their own way to obtain behavioral equilibrium between what a parent expects and what the child is capable of. As well as parents also must understand that lying undermines a child’s trust towards them and it affects religious outlooks on life. These unfair effects will remain with a child throughout her whole life caused by the
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