Parents; My Mom and Dad

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PARENTS; MY MOM AND DAD KATHERINE RYON BAKER COLLEGE Some could think that there parents would be more similar than different, because they had enough in common to have a child together. Some could also think their differences would not have much of an effect on their kids, especially if they are young. Neither one of these statements are true. Children see things parents would like to think are hidden. They also realize things that are going on adults think they are not able to understand. It is possible not to become a product of your environment; being your own person. My parents are as opposite as they come, but they have the most important things in common. My dad has made major improvements in himself since I was born. It is…show more content…
If that was not the case, he would yell at me for reasons I just could not understand. All I would have to do is walk out of a room and be screamed at for some reason that he could not even manage to explain to me. When he would realize he was wrong, he would come apologize and buy me things to make up for the way he acted. He also got in the habit of making it sound like going with him to get drunk with his buddies, and to watch everyone get stoned was a reward. When I would come home from a weekend at my father's house, my mom would have the hardest time 'snapping me back to reality', that is what she always called it. My attitude got me in trouble, and my behavior was terrible. I had the attitude that I did not care what people said, I would do what I wanted. Like I said, my mom being the only dictator, this did not work out to my advantage. We bumped heads like no other, and my mom did not like the person that I turned into when I would leave. She did not understand how things could change so fast. She was disgusted by how I would disrespect her, because she knew she had not raised me to talk to people the way I learned to from my dad. This made her realize that something was fishy about me going to visit him, so she would try to get me to talk about it. I never did, but I knew his actions were wrong. I knew I was being verbally abused, but I did not want to lose visitation with my dad. I did not want to talk about the

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