Parents Parenting Styles And Its Effects On Children

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A parents parenting style has a direct effect on children at a young age. The primitive age for development in a child is between the ages of 3-7. This also happens to be when parenting styles are developed. External factors, like parenting styles, can have a direct and sometimes negative effect on children. The child with an authoritarian parent is often associated with low academic performance because of the pressure to do well. This child also may have a low self esteem, poor social skills, possible mental illness and could be into drugs or addicted to drugs (Milevsky et al., 2007). These children are often thought of as delinquents due to too much attention from the parent and overwhelming sense of wrong doing with their parent hanging over their back. This child may act out in school or to other higher authority figures. These children may have poor social skills and are less independent compared to others their age. Children with permissive parents usually do not follow the rules; have worse self-control because they were never taught at home. As well as, encountering more problems in relationships and social interactions. Children that have neglectful parents are impulsive and do not self regulate their emotions. These children often encounter more delinquency and addiction problems as well as have mental issues. These children are among the rates of committing or attempting suicide (Milevsky et al., 2007). Finally, children with authoritative parents are often the
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